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The motor offers an impressive range of technical innovations, all designed to enable work in the most comfortable conditions - even during complex operations.

  • Enhanced visibility due to its white LED.
  • Wide range of speeds: 250-1200 rpm.
  • 9 torque settings (from 0.5 to 3.5 Ncm).
  • Auto-reverse disengage mode.
  • 10 programmable torque/speed memories.
  • Thoughtfully designed ergonomics and lightness.
  • Freedom of movement (cordless), while its Lithium-Ion battery guarantees a stable rotation speed.
  • Allows treatment on some 30 patients before recharging.

All the components, motor, contra-angle, LED, battery pack, charger and transformer, are available separately.

Option: oscillating contra-angle with an amplitude of 80° (40°/40°).
  Speed rpm Torque Ncm Instruments / sequence
Program 1 600 1.5 iRace–D-Race DR2
Program 2 600 1.0 BioRace
Program 3 1000 1.0 D-Race DR1


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PDF icon Rooter - Press release EN (PDF)
PDF icon Rooter - Communiqué de presse FR (PDF)
PDF icon Rooter - Pressemitteilung DE (PDF)
PDF icon Rooter - Brochure EN (PDF)
PDF icon Rooter - Brochure FR (PDF)
PDF icon Rooter - Broschüre DE (PDF)
PDF icon Rooter - User manual (PDF)

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